About Us

We are Dev Community Inc., the company and team behind DEV (dev.to) — the world’s fastest-growing social network for programmers.  We are venture-backed and growing quickly.

We strive to operate an inclusive space where developers of all backgrounds and experience levels help each other grow, discover great ideas, and forge meaningful connections.  We currently serve around 300k registered community members, and reach 5 million unique visitors each month.

Long-term, we will leverage the underlying open-source technology that powers the DEV Community to host separate social networks.  These new communities will span from enterprise use-cases to consumer-facing and general interest platforms.

We are a remote-first team and have no physical office.  We have team members all across the world, in a wide span of time zones.  We prioritize asynchronous productivity and have just one full-team required meeting per week.  Our work culture relies on trust and the ability to work independently, though we also collaborate in real-time when a situation calls for that level of coordination.  We value emotional intelligence, learning, and growth, and are excited to identify diverse and well-rounded candidates who share our passion and priorities.

We understand that many companies have uncommunicative and time intensive application processes. At DEV, we strive for transparency and to move quickly. We have a three-stage hiring process for all candidates:

Stage 1: Apply

Each role will have a short questionnaire as part of the application, along with a deadline. We inform all candidates on whether or not they will move to the next stage within two weeks of the application deadline. Please do not spend over one hour on this initial application.

Stage 2: Job-specific Questionnaire and/or Task

Candidates will need to complete a questionnaire and/or task related to the role they are applying for. We will inform all candidates on whether or not they will move to the final stage within one week of the questionnaire/task deadline. Please do not spend over three hours on this stage. 

Stage 3: Team Interview

Final candidates will have one round of video interviews with 5-7 team members. Applicants will know which team members they’re speaking to ahead of time. Each interview will be 15-20 minutes each, with total interview time under two hours.

Current Openings

Currently we don't have any open positions.