Open-Source Contractor

Job description

We are hiring for short-term and project-based contracting roles.  This is a paid opportunity to contribute to the open-source project in an area that specifically interests you.  As part of the application process, we’ll ask you to “pitch us” on a specific feature or priority that you’d like to work on.


We think that this opportunity is an ideal fit if:

  • You have a particular feature or optimization in mind, but it would require more time, energy, and coordination than is feasible in a purely volunteer capacity

  • You are already doing some contract work and need/want another part-time project

  • You are interesting in leaving your current job and are looking for something to sink your teeth into while you figure out what’s next

Some example proposals:

  • “I have a lot of experience dealing with memory and scaling issues on Rails Apps, so I would be able to come in and help prevent improve the codebase.”

  • “I have experience in React/Preact and could come in and improve the user interface if there are any open tasks.”

We anticipate that these contracts will range from a one-off 5-10/hour project, to a full-time, several-week sprint on a bigger priority.  The expectation is that these contract positions will not lead to a permanent role.


Fundamentally, it’s our goal to speed up development on the project and platform while also providing paid opportunities to the community.


See above for requirements


About DEV



DEV is an online developer community and discussion platform.  We strive to operate an inclusive space where programmers of all backgrounds and experience levels help each other grow, discover great ideas, and forge meaningful connections.  We currently serve over 150k registered community members, and reach over 3 million unique visitors each month. We are seed-funded and growing quickly.


We are headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, but we have no preference whether you work remotely or at our HQ.  We are "remote-first," and our assumption is that most future teammates will not be based in NYC.  All meetings are held over video-call in order to ensure a consistent and equal experience regardless of location.