Senior Engineering Contractor

Job description

We are hiring a Senior Engineering Contractor to work closely alongside Ben and the rest of the development team.  Our codebase is open source, and we’ve written publicly about our tech stack on multiple occasions.  We are a Rails app with Preact on the frontend, and we’d be looking for help in all areas.


We are hiring for contractor positions — as opposed to full-time employees — because we’re still working out the shape of our long-term technical team.  It’s our goal to build relationships with folks that are interested in being paid as they contribute to the open-source project and platform. This will be a good opportunity for anyone who is a) already doing some contracting, and/or is b) interested in leaving their current job and looking for something to sink their teeth into while they figure out what's next.

We value emotional intelligence and communication skills. We want to work with developers who want to build an inclusive software ecosystem as badly as we do. 


Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide technical guidance on the overall direction of the project and codebase

  • Help the core DEV team improve our development process, and instill best practices

  • Maintain close coordination with the open-source community

  • Build new features for the DEV platform

  • Refactor and improve the codebase



  • Flexible work hours.  We strive for good asynchronous communication.   You’ll need to be available for a total of 3 weekly meetings, which take place at either 11am or 4:30pm ET.


Compensation / Location

  • Competitive hourly salary

  • We are headquartered in Brooklyn, but have no preference of in-office vs. remote


See above for requirements

About DEV

DEV is an online developer community and discussion platform.  We strive to operate an inclusive space where programmers of all backgrounds and experience levels help each other grow, discover great ideas, and forge meaningful connections.  We currently serve over 100k registered community members, and reach over 1.5 million unique visitors each month. We are seed-funded and growing quickly.

We are headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, but we have no preference whether you work remotely or at our HQ.  We are "remote-first," and our assumption is that most future teammates will not be based in NYC.  All meetings are held over video-call in order to ensure a consistent and equal experience regardless of location.